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BagSavr+™ is the latest innovation in home trash cans and recycling bins! Attractive, functional, and cleverly designed to save you cash by re-using your plastic grocery bags, BagSavr+™ can start a “Re-Use Revolution” in your home!

BagSavr+™ uses a patent-pending design to secure grocery bag handles, plus features tuck grooves for a tight seal — no more mess in the bottom of the garbage pail. The front pouch stores 10 grocery bags.

 BagSavr+™ can hang anywhere with the optional Hanger Bracket+ kit that uses 2-sided tape  (or screws) to attach to anything — a cupboard door, a desk, a garage wall — or can “stand alone” due to its solid base. The “Take Anywhere” handle makes it a perfect portable trash bin for the garden, boat, cottage, camp or anywhere you make a mess. BagSavr+™ makes it easy to set up a “recycle station” in a closet by hanging three for garbage, compost and recycled refuse. You can also purchase multiple Hanger Bracketss in order to use a single BagSavr+™ in multiple locations. Buy yours today, and join the made-in-America Re-Use Revolution!

Out of stock